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With the election of a progressive Australian Government we hope for a just resolution of Bernard Collaery’s prosecution and a pardon for Witness K.
The persecution of these men and the shameful history of Timor Leste are joined at the hip.

As Geoffrey Robertson says on the cover of Collaery’s book (OIL UNDER TROUBLED WATER) “East Timor is the country on Australia’s conscience”

Bernard Collaery’s trial, now set for October 24 2022, still might not proceed. New Attorney General Mark Dreyfus says “I’m considering information, which the department is providing to me…This is a prosecution process…I will say no more than that. There are levers available.” 
Both sides of politics stand to lose if the trial proceeds…as well as Collaery.

Making a film about these matters has caused delay to the production of “RELUCTANT SAVIOUR: Australia’s secret war on East Timor” until these matters are resolved and hopefully, Collaery can speak freely to the media once again.

We cannot show you our trailer because we have resolved not to endanger Bernard Collaery’s case (or ourselves). That’s why we are reaching out to our existing support base: you know the story and we appreciate your support.

RELUCTANT SAVIOUR is the story of Australia’s involvement in East Timor from Balibo to the Witness K/ Bernard Collaery prosecutions, an epic tale of deceit, betrayal, cruelty and revenge.
This attempt to punish Witness K and Bernard Collaery for exposing Australia’s bugging of oil and gas talks in 2004 is an act of bastardry by a secret state looking for scapegoats.
These prosecutions and their history are a blight on the good name of all Australians and of our democracy. Australian support for Indonesia during the takeover and occupation of East Timor was shared by six Australian Governments over 24 years. We sided with the perpetrators of genocide until the very last minute. And then we bugged the struggling new nation.

As our story draws to a close, the film is poised for the final production lap and we need to be ready for whatever happens.

Peter Cronau, ex-4 Corners investigative journalist, Gold Walkley Award winner and publisher of Declassified Australia https://declassifiedaus.org/ has joined our team as Executive Producer.
He joins our experienced executive team:
Trish Lake (Getting’Square, Frackman, Alick & Albert) and
Judith Ehrlich (Oscar nominee for The Most Dangerous Man in America, The Boys Who Said No!)

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Peter Cronau Executive Producer

Peter Cronau – Executive Producer

Director Gil Scrine

Gil Scrine – Director/Writer

Judith Ehrlich Executive Producer

Judith Ehrlich – Executive Producer

Trish Lake – Executive Producer

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